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About US

We bring together the essential assets to ignite creativity, efficiency and professionalism in your company.

DB Industries has an amazing team of experts espicially their lead developer that was wonderful on our project.

François Samyn

With a team mixing entrepreneurs, engineers and consultants we provide you with the full package. The interactions with our network of experts and advisors give us a outside perspective at key moment of the project.

Professionalism 90%
Experience 80%
Creativity 85%


We can support you with any innovation project. Here are some examples.

New business model

Reinvent your business model, whether it’s new sources of revenue, new partnerships, a new delivery model or something else.

Switch to Digital

Transform your communication, delivery or even business model through a switch from old to new tech.

Product development

Identify unmet needs in the market and turn them into brand new products or services.


We're here for you, and we have our innovation toolbox with us. So let's get in touch!

Don't hesitate to stop by and grab a coffee or send us a letter...

+32 472 40 81 63
20 Chemin 't Cortenbos - 1180 Bruxelles

You can also reach us on social networks.